Other Retreats

Aside from our popular "Not Too Young" Retreat, we offer a variety of other themes to serve the specific needs of your parish. Whether it be a school retreat, a retreat for one of your non-confirmation grades, or an optional retreat for your youth group, we've got you covered! We are always happy and willing to work with you to bring the best retreat possible to your teens.

These other retreat options will feature some or all of the same core components. We will offer multi-media presentations, games, music, small groups and Adoration for any retreat you choose.

Who Do You Follow?
"Who Do You Follow?" - We hear all sorts of different messages throughout a given day from TV, social media, music, friends, family, and more. Which messages are good, which aren't so great for us, and where is God's voice in all of this? This retreat theme focuses on listening for God's voice and hearing his call for us to be Disciples.

Heroic Virtue
"HEROic Virtue" - There's something captivating about Superheroes. Beyond exciting movie action sequences, the heroes and the virtues they represent stir something in us that makes us want to save the world too. This retreat theme focuses on what some of these virtues are, and how these Superheroes and the Saints in the Church inspire us to live a life of HEROic Virtue!

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