"Not Too Young" Retreat Day

Fiat is best known for its "Not Too Young" confirmation retreat program. The day stresses that as a young teenager, youth are not too young to make decisions of consequence regarding their faith and morality. The retreat is meant to focus on a real relationship with Christ, and encourages participants to say "yes." to God's invitation to a relationship with Him. This is typically a six hour retreat day.

Our retreats include an experienced team to run everything from setting up our own sound system, to leading music and prayer. On a typical retreat day your teens will be guided through several multi-media presentations focusing around the idea of "Not Too Young". The first presentation focuses on authenticity. During this presentation the presenter will encourage your teens to step outside of their comfort zone and share a little more of their true self with those around them. The second presentation focuses on the theme and how Teens are not too young to make this faith their own and be an example to those around them. How they should be the ring leader in making good and moral decision in their peer groups and encouraging others to do the same. The third presentation focuses on God the Father's love for them. We speak about the incomprehensible love that God our Father has for us and how nothing we can do will ever sever that bond or cause God to turn his back on us. The final presentation provides your teens with some practical's of how to live out this faith in today's world.

Along with these great presentations, your teens will be led in music, games, small groups and most importantly, a time of guided Eucharistic Adoration. During Adoration, our experienced music leaders will guide them through prayer, providing prayer prompts to help them focus and learn how to pray. The teens will also write their own prayers out and present them before the Eucharist. This is the most impactful, and important part of our day with your teens! It is an incredible thing to watch teens, often for the first time, encounter Jesus through this ancient form of prayer!
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